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As an award winning photographer, company owner Lynne Ezzell  has had a passion for her art for over 25 yrs.  Her husband David has now picked up the camera and can be found behind the lens almost as much as she can..

We shoot exculsively in digital to allow quicker turn around time and enable clients to order photos onsite at events or at their leisure off the web. We only use professional grade Canon photo equipment, as well as state of the art computer equipment. A professional photo lab is used to print all photos.  Photos can be ordered with a credit card using our secure photo order site linked below.  If you you prefer to pay by check please email us. Our goal is quick delivery of a quality product.

To view and order  photos just click on the below link and go to your event.

Order site



                 Photos on the order site are PROOFS.

Photos will be cropped and color corrected after ordering. Please email me before you order if you have any questions or special request

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Most photos are available from wallet size to 8 x 10 and above. Gift items ( such as totes, mouse pads ect) are also available. Please go to the order page for current prices.

Our studio is located in the lower level of the Old Troy Hotel at 106 Smitherman Street. The studio is open by appointment. We have a variety of backdrops and props.

      We speicalize in animal photography, and can do portraits as well as action and in the ring shots.   Price for private shoots are $150 plus mileage. You will have our undivided attention for a minimum of two hours, in which time we will photography as many animals (same owner) as you want. Personal shoots at shows we we will be attending available by request.

Because the best shooting condtions/ locations are not always available we also offer photo editing and can do things such as removing people, leads, and background clutter. We can even change the background entirely on most photos. Please feel free to email us for quotes. Below is examples of our work. Editing charges are rated at $10 per 15 minutes. Removing a lead or minor background clutter usually takes 15 minutes. The examples below took approximately 45 minutes each.

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From this                                                                               To this

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 To see more of our work Click Here


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Please email us at uwharrie@embarqmail.com  if you have questions or to schedule a shoot .

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